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Info / Kit includes:

  • FreeFly Movi Pro
  • 4x TB50 Intelligent Flight Batteries
  • 1x Movi Pro Ring
  • 1x Top Handle
  • 2x Mounting Plates
  • 1x Alan Key 
  • 3x Bolts 
  • 2x Movi Accessory Mounts
  • 1x 4-way Battery Charger
  • 1x Charger Power Cable
  • 1x Hard Case


      Please Note

      An excess holding fee will be added to payment which is refunded 48hrs from the return of the kit hire (Only applies in the event you do not have your own insurance policy). If you have selected for delivery or collection this will be included in the updated price.

      Please see our full terms & conditions for full details.

    Freefly Movi Pro with Ignite Adapter (G001)

    SKU: G001
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      Delivery and Collection

      Any deliveries or collections will be charged based on miles from our base starting at £25 (for full prices please see our full terms & conditions)

      *Please be sure to check our full terms & conditions before making any bookings.*

      Term's & Condition's

      Privacy Policy


      Late Fee

      Please note that a 1-day rental is for a 24-hour period (from collection to drop off) but we will try to be as flexible where possible. Late Returns will incur an extra 1x day rental.

      Always ensure good timekeeping and double-check all components before you return.

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